and the award is going to……

apple-schoolOh, what a wonderful time of the year-school is almost out and kids are excited to start their summer. But before that, we have to go through an award ceremony at school-how wonderful. Kids lined up, teachers have their folders full of award certificates, and parents have their camera’s ready to go-beautiful.

Class goes up on stage and the awarding begins.  Kids receive awards from the best math/ science/ reading/ writing awards to loyalty and citizenship and most energetic and  attendance, and that is where I draw the line. Are you kidding me? Did I miss something?Why are we awarding kids for something that should be expected, such as attendance?  As harsh as it might sound, and it might show my age, I don’t believe that all kids in the fifth grade should be receiving awards.  It’s for going above and beyond their responsibilities what the awards should be, not for wearing a red shirt, common.  And then we ask ourselves why this generation feels that they are entitled to everything? Because we told them so, because we tell them that they are great no matter what their grades are, not matter what they did wrong, we still praise them-why?

It is so damaging to them and all of us, because when they come out of college, they think :” I finished school, now give me $60K job, now” and then it hits-not so fast dear.  You are not all that and the bag of chips, you know nothing and have nothing to offer, so for the time being, here is $30K job and you will have to work yourself up.  I know not in all cases, but in general its true.  And all these expectations because they never heard the criticism and that is damaging.

My daughter goes to math class after school that is tought by a Chinese lady and she is tough. She has a class of 40+ kids and all working for the whole 1.5 hours.  One time, my daughter came home upset, because the teacher was getting onto her for not understanding what she was reading, she asked her:” can you not read?” and my little one fell apart. Sad, because she got criticized by a teacher-omg.

I know that kids need praises, I know they need encouragement, but it should be substantial, it should be for achieving something, not because they got out of bed- I am just saying.