How can this be?


My little one is going to a church camp this summer and I am getting her paper work ready.  In the pile of forms that I have to fill out, we should have the shots record for her. Sounds reasonable, right? So I placed a call to her pediatrician to see where we at.  not only it took 7 hours to get a call back, the nurse told me that she needs a well child exam along with a few vaccinations and the meningitis was among them.  Something did not sit well with me about that vaccine and i told her that we are not doing that one yet.  The nurse got pretty short with me and informed me that the next available appointment will be August 15th.

I explained to her that camp/ deadline/timing, etc. and wellness exam does not have to be the same time as vaccine. She said she will check with the doctor on her availability-why, she is not the one administering vaccination. Why do I need a doctor to be there? Why are you telling me that my 11-year-old have to have meningitis vaccine?  I still said no to that one and according to I was right, it should be done at 16 years of age.  Why the doctors/nurses who we should trust push unnecessary procedures on us? Vaccination is not a joke, it can be deadly, it is the actual virus that injected.  Do we have to check and recheck our doctors? That is just sad