Spam me once…


As we go through life, we meet different people.  Our lives might change because of them or may not, depending on the curcomstanses, but it is a given, that we met for a reason.  Sometimes that reason is a mystery for many years to come and sometimes it is pretty obvious.  In today’s world of easy reach, we can keep in contact with anybody we wish to do so and it is wonderful because it keeps life interesting.  I love to hear from people who I went to college with or prior co-workers, but one thing boggles me in that process-why reach out if you have no intension to keep the conversation going?

Yesterday I received an email from a former co-worker that I have not heard from in 2 years. Very simple: “How are you? What you’ve been up to?” Hey, here is a chance to reconnect, so I reply with a few updated, not to be overbearing, and respectively, asked about that person’s family.  And what do I get in response – not a thing.  My question is:” What was the reason to email me in the first place? Am I missing something?”   I had a hard time for a while with greeting of ” How are you? ” in the process of walking away, but I realized that it is cultural and rolled with it, but when you intentionally reaching out to somebody, you have to finish what you start, otherwise-why do it in the first place? Othewise this type of communication becomes spam.