Shashlik for four, please

sounds like a wonderful day. I was lucky enough to spend a few summers there as a child, great memories:-) Very reach culture and wonderful people.


All photos by Amy Yu Mao

The last leg of the journey with Amy took us south and west.  We set out early on a Friday morning with Khvicha and his young assistant (whose name I do not know, because he was introduced to us as the “master of shashlik”), who was recruited to help with preparation of the meal that awaited us.

We made two logistical stops along the way.  The first was in Khashuri, where Khvicha and his right hand man bought a plastic bag full of raw meat in a small market.  The second was in Borjomi, where we filled two five-gallon jugs with fresh spring water drawn from a creek, to later clean the meat.  Borjomi is the source (and the name) of a popular bottled mineral water here in Georgia and in the surrounding countries.  Putin is a fan, from what I hear.  On…

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