Four decades of memories-First Decade

This week I will ” turn the page”, go ” over the hill” and finish another decade full of memories. I thought about it, what would I like to say, what happened to me and how I reacted or should’ve reacted. So, I thought about writing four posts (so it would not be too long) to summarize each decade.good times
First 10 years were a blur, but not really. I remember my parents being oh so proud that I had enough “gift” to play violin. First concert at 6 . I remember when I started school, how we were all dressed up in our uniforms with white aprons and flowers in our hands to give to our first teacher on the first day of school. How during the reset, we were walking around the hall and go to the cafeteria for lunches where an old lady would be serving meals that she cooked up this morning just for us. Our teacher demanded perfection in handwriting and I enjoyed practicing it,so I can get it just right. I was not accepted into dance academy because of my posture, but I so did not care. My grandmother on the other hand was disappointed, but for me, violin was plenty. I also did gymnastics, very briefly, but dropped it after an audition to perform with some circus show, I did not care much for it, but remember walking home with a friend who really wanted to get in, but did not, she kept talking how it is the end of her life and how she going to jump out of her window because she did not get in ( 7 years old). Nothing happened, I told my mom, she told her mom, all was well. Kids were cruel in school. I was far from popular and did not fit into “cool kids club” because I played violin, but for some reason I did not care about it much, I was a loner. Remember records, black round plates? My favorite thing to do was to listen to books on records-it was like magic ( reading was not my cup of tea).
One day, we went to city bazar, just to look at things, including dogs. Well, we did get a dog, apricot poodle, medium size – she was so cute, but far from cuddly. She loved dad the most,but mom took care of her the most.

My mom worked for a science institute and one time, they were invited to participate in the  Red Square Parade in May 1st and kids were able to join their parents.  It was surreal.  We gathered early in the morning, got our balloons and flags and waited for the time to walk down Red Square.

Happy Birthday, you are 10!