Four decades of memories-Second decade

The second 10 were intense. My parents made me switch schools, which was great for me. At 14, I was finishing 8th grade and had to make a choice -stay in regular school or go to “music” school. My parents had this dream of me as a violin teacher, somebody told them that I was pretty good, so full forward they pushed me that direction. After half hearted audition for the music school, I came home, put my violin case down and first time in my life told my parents “no, i will no be a music teacher or play violin for the rest of my life”. OMG, my poor mother, she was so worried. But I had a plan, and I told them I want to be a chemist (love it) and it got even worse. What college you will be going? How you going to get ready for the admission tests? Why chemistry? Then miracle happened. My violin teacher’s husband worked in research lab with a few professors from university where I wanted to go. From that connection I had a tutor for math and physics, chemistry I handled myself. During this prep time, I met my first boyfriend, we had the same college in mind, but different programs. He was very nice and charming and we had a good time. After first year in college all… broke loose. I was dating…. I used to discuss boys with my grams and she would tell me stories about her college years. She use to love telling me about getting ready to go home and let the first guy who asked her to walk her home, she would never wait on grandpa because he was doing something else. You have to remember, back then, it would be a while till they would even hold hands. She would alway tell me that you should be their priority and they have to make an effort in getting your attention.

Thinking back, college was a great experience. We worked hard and played even harder. Back then, tests were not computerized, we had to draw a ticket with questions and prep the answers, and then get with professor and present the answers to him/her. So during one of my finals, professor wanted to go out in the hallway for a smoke, so we did and that is where I had to answer my questions, and yes we were smoking.

Happy Birthday, you are 20!