Third Decade

The most intense by far, a lot changed during these years. Right at the beginning, I moved, not just moved, left my home country to be on the other continent, across the ocean, yes, I immigrated, kinda. Got married and started learning English, and still learning. No, I did not married an older gentleman, I married another immigrant. My son was born 3 years later and two years after it, I got divorced. You can stop counting, I was not a citizen at the time of divorce. It was interesting to hear my grams telling me ,when I showed a picture of my then husband, ” you will not live with him, he is not for you”-why I did not show her the picture before, bits me. I enjoyed my single time very much. My memories of my first appartement that my son and I lived in still very comforting to me, it was a happy time.  I continued working on my bachelor degree, working, and being with my friends (we are still friends-so awesome).  Then I met my now husband.  We got married a year later and another year later our daughter was born.  One week before the due date, our house got struck by lightning and burned.   We had to go to the hotel till the due date and then into rental house.  It was amazing how many wonderful people were helping us through that time.  We had meals brought to the house after I came home from the hospital, clothes were given to us, baby things to get us going.  People stopped by to just see how we were doing.  And the builder that was still working the neighborhood moved most of their labor force on the house that we picked two streets over and because of that, we were in our home in 6 weeks after the fire – amazing.  I was so fortunate to have such great neighbors and friends, it helps your faith in humanity.

Happy Birthday, you are 30!wpid-20121209_133407.jpgThis is the most curious teaparty I’ve ever been to,” said Alice…