I want my dream back

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real that you can feel everything?  I had that kind of the dream and it was wonderful, so wonderful that I want to go back to bed and try to catch it again and again and again.  The setting was in the office, started in the cube.  The touch was gentle yet strong, the hug was tight but comforting.  It felt like a million little sparks were running through me.  Then we are on the stairway, at the last lending.  He pinned me against the wall and….OMG, I will just say it was rated R. I can smell his cologne, feel his hands so vividly that I was confused if it was still a dream, and then his phone went off, wait, it was my alarm-agrrr.   I opened my eyes and the grey, boring, nauseating reality sets in.  It was not real my brain tells me, but it was real, it was, to me.  I want my dream back….