what can you say to this….

It is not a secret that my marriage is not perfect, by far, not at all. But none of the less, I found myself speechless last night when my husband said:” I think we should see other people”.  After a few seconds of searching for words, all I can master was:” You go ahead, do what you want, I have other priorities.” What can you possibly say to this?

The is a story about Genghis Khan. When his solders came into occupied village for money, people were crying, but the soldiers kept coming.  Then one day, they came and saw people laughing, they asked:” Why are you laughing?” and the people answered :” We have nothing for you to take anymore” and the soldiers had never come back.  I think the point of this, once you realize, you have nothing to lose, all you can do is laugh, so I did 🙂