…and it’s just the begining

Its raining outside, I guess the summer is over and the broken pool pump does not matter as much.  Kids are back in school and totally submerged into homework.  This year I have to make myself be into “their business” 24/7.  Last year my dear boy almost fail English, and I know it is his responsibility, but I should’ve been more vigilant and trust him less.  This year-lesson learned.  All teachers had been contacted, work reviewed daily, and turning- in of the homework is monitored with passion.

Last night, I had to go over 6th grade social study material for the test of economic systems and I was shocked to see how much the language that is used differs from last year to this.  The use of “big” words is astonishing.  I had to explain the law of supply and demand, capital, maternity leave and social benefits, communist society and free market.  Poor thing, she looked overwhelmed.  The sad thing to me is that these major concepts are scrambled in her head now and she will probably remember nothing in few days.DSCN1714 ( this is what I think of her brain with all that information )

Recently I learned that it takes 48 hours for a memory to migrate from short-term bucket to long-term, which means I have to keep reviewing her notes for the next two days so it will stick.  Just keep swimming…. 6 more years and diploma is ours 🙂