Because the art of sleeping-in belongs to younger generation


This weekend is an odd for me. My mom went back home to check on things and will be there for a few months, my kids had plans of their own and some included sleepovers , one at the friends house and the other at his dad’s.  So long and behold, I had the evening to myself. And that happens like, never.

I went to a movie with a girlfriend of mine.  “Enough said” is a romantic comedy and it is very sweet and comforting movie, we loved it.  The audience was a lot more mature than at the regular movie theater (we were at Angelica movie theater). After the movie we went for dinner at the Mi Cocina-wonderful food, but it was on the loud side of the noise spectrum.  Overall , we had a great time and I deposited myself back at the house by 8 ish.  I know, no staying out till 2am, just because i can’t keep my eyes open that long.

I had my windows open and clean sheet on my bed and remote control in hand, ready for a night of some TV, anything would do.  I caught the end of Lifetime channel “The House of Versace” and it was very interesting, informative for sure, but by 10:30 I was done with TV and wanted nothing more than to sleep.  With the thought of sleeping in I drifted into another dimension.

Not so fast.  As I found myself drifting through the maize of dreams and started thinking that my energy level increases and I felt that I need more movement.  Long and behold my eyes flew open.  Guess what time that was….. 6 : 30 on the dot. WHY??? I do not have to cook any breakfast, no make coffee, nothing is on my To Do list for this morning, so why I had to wake up that early?  I know why, because the art of sleeping in, belongs to younger generation, that is why.  I am ol…. not that young anymore, and probably I don’t need extra sleep so I can recoup from previous week events of massive posts on faceboook, instagram and pintrest, school projects ( though, I did mentioned that I am a 6th grader now), and house chores.

Today, I am going to see ” The Lion King” with my kids and while we are out, we will be stoping by the State Fair ( its all in one place really).  May be, just may be I will get tiered enough, so I can sleep in tomorrow. Oh wait, I will have to wait till next weekend to do that, because tomorrow, we will start all over again.