Kitchen’s wonders


In every kitchen there are spaces that have a tendency to take on life of their own and in my kitchen it is container storage.  It makes me wonder how much effort does it take to design them because if it was me, I would like to see containers in most cases of the square shape, but different depth.  And with that the one size fits all lid.  Some of you might remember the container set that had a rack and all container would fit on it and lids would too with very little space taken away from your cabinet.  The only downside to this set was the size limitation.  Anyway, this past weekend I took on my containers.  I got everything out, match what I could, because you do know that containers take leave of absent and go MIA.  I got ride of old, broken, unmatched Tupperware that was taken up space. And after I was done….


I wonder how long this would last 🙂

the next draw is the lid draw from pots and pans, but it will have to wait till the next holiday 🙂