Its all relative

In my resent homework in science, we covered the Law of  Conservation of Energy  that states : ” Energy may neither be created nor destroyed”.  This should serve as a warning sign on any shapeware, like on cigarets -Surgeon General big letters.

As I understand the magic of spanx and good shapeware, I still have an issue with it.

In my opinion and experience :

– Unless it is full body armor, it will ride up or down your torso and look like an additional “love” handle

– Unless you are wearing a potato sack, your extra curves will come out to play in other places-guaranty.  If you have just the shirt-than all extra’s will be right under your arms and on your back, so then you need another one to take care of the back. – The Law is at work here, you can not squeeze in on spot and not expect it to show up in the other, it’s the law of physics-nothing can be destroyed.

I know, for many of us it does the trick at least for some period of time, but man, it is so uncomfortable…. I think this unconfortable is enough to get me go to the gym today.  May be a stiker on the frindge with all “extras” out of spanx with the sign-gym or this