Why is it so hard?

Why is it hard to get up in the morning? why do I have to keep counting till 10 before answering a stupid question? How I can get my daughter to see that going to bed at 9 is a good thing and mom is not terrible because of that?  why support from your family is an extremely distant thing and strangers are more willing to listen? Sometimes, I just want to pack my thing and go, just go….a very depressing thought though.

You asking if I go to the marriage counseling – sure, but why do you want to? Uh, you gave me the answer yourself-are you willing to work on what ever counselor will point out as an issue? You think that I am the core problem in this relationship, then why don’t you just go, get it over with.  On one hand you suggesting counseling, then when i asked you if you found one, you start bul*&*ing me, that you are researching what type of counseling we should do, OMG, even in this case you can’t just say that you did not look into it yet, you have to lie about it………….YAK

His birthday coming up, may be I should pull Katie Holmes move on?