Why did I do that? …Down the rabbit hole

wpid-20121209_133407.jpgAbout a month ago I found this book about intuition on Amazon and started reading it. Pretty reasonable, listen to your gutt, the feeling there is for a reason, all good.  So about 2 weeks ago, not to sound corny, but I has a dream that I have a lump on my left side.  So I schedule the long dreaded mammogram last Tuesday. Wednesday morning I get a call-you have abnormalities in the left breast, need to come back for additional testing.  Ok, my thought is, supported by other women at the office experience, they just want another charge, so I am not worried.  The next day though. my other doctor calles and tells me that I have to get back for additional testing, ok, I am going. And like that was not enough, Saturday, and why is it always on Saturday that bad mail comes in, I hate Saturday mail, I got a letter from mammogram office stating that it is abnormal density of breast tissue.  Well, weekend is shut.  But today i get into Google, OMG, why did I do that? And you know, once you there, you keep going down the rabbit hole….

Anyway, I am going be tomorrow, but self-diagnostic is not a good idea, I just want to get it over with now-yak.  So the moral of this do not read books and don’t sleep and defiantly DO NOT GOOGLE

And now I am reading about decreasing the density and all I get is eat healthy, exercise, don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol.  Really? Give me something to look forward to.  At least give me my hydration, have to have that 😉