Not Forever 21


Our work place is where we spend about 45 hours every week and some of us love their job and some of us just content but we still get up every day, get oneself ready and go.  I don’t work in the fancy place, but it is on the conservative side of things and we don’t have casual Fridays, so it is business casual if you will.  And over time I observed that many of my coworkers ( and most of us pass 40’s) take this to the extreme on both sides.  Let me explain. 🙂
For example, we have a lady that wears dresses that are on the short side of the hem line and them does not cross her legs when at the conference table( full view for the people ).  And then her closet holds a very tight white pants.  I have no problem with skin-tight anything if you can pull it off, but if I see your cellulite, it is not for work, go change please.  And also, please put some underwear on because when you put it on display, people will look.  I saw two guys bumping into each other because they were “not looking”.  I had to do something, and one day I just commented on those pants:”wearing your tidy whites?”  I know, not cool, but common, my eyes, somebody has to take care of them.
Also, every company should have what not to wear policy and it should contain the following:
No pants on the ground, literary, get them tailored, use the tape to do it yourself, but you are not getting paid for cleaning floors.  If you lost weight, do buy new clothes now, not wait till you drop another 10 lb. You doing great, reward yourself-you deserve it and we do too, we encouraged you.  Now, we do”shrink” through life so does our clothes so if I can see your belly because your shirt is riding up, its time to go shopping.  Ladies, any reason to refresh our appearance should be good for us.  Lets talk about shoes.  If you love flats and not used to be in heels, you should start slow, 4 inch pumps are not good for you, your feet and your posture, less is more.  It takes time to be “comfortable” in heels, please take your time. Now, my favorite rule-just because you can, does not mean you should, just because you can wear Forever 21, does not mean you should, have some respect for yourself and your coworkers and most important – YOUR AGE, we are not yesterday out of college.

Bottom line, we should always put some effort into the way we present ourselves, run the brush through our hair, brush our teeth, get fitting pants and proper shoes.  I know that looks are not everything, but people who are proud in themselves show it to the outside world and others react differently to these people, just saying