Hair cut is a fine dance

I had my color appointment today and I decided to try a new salon. No problem, that what reviews are for and it sounded pretty good.  So off I go.  I was on time and they were on time-10 points for that.  Then I got into chair and  it started….what shampoo do you use, how often you wash your hair, we have great product to help you with blahblah.  Then even before starting my color she said that she might need to do some extra “wash” to make color look right.  And she did..for extra $20. She was pretty rough with my hair, pulling and manuvering, I even winsed, did not stop her at all.  Then she went on talking about brazilian blowout.  Once she said that it will loose my curls but not keep it really streight, I told her that on average day I dont style my hair, just use one product, but she kept pushing that it will be good for me and she can help me with that.  I do understand that they have to up sell you, but that was too too much.I wound not go back, it was not a pleasant experiance that it could’ve been.