According to dictionary: Amicable characterized by or showing goodwill; friendly; peaceable.

This word was used a bit at my house over the weekend in content of divorce.  I am not shocked about this turn of events, it was long coming, but I found interesting that I was asked about living arrangements, when I was not the one suggesting the whole thing.

I learned from a few friends, that the one thing you should never do in this case is leaving the house, because you lose it all ( not the case for an abuse-that is different), I am talking in my case.  So we, he was talking, I was listening about doing the inventory of the house, what to list the house for, custody planing, all of that.

My problem with this is I don’t see him as amicably ready person, I am expecting lies, tricks, and unpleasant surprises.  And no matter what, I will get a lawyer to look at what ever agreement we might reach, I was not born yesterday.

Kids don’t know yet…

I have no regret going down this road because in my diary entries, the only difference is date, the entries are pretty much the same for the past 5 years, it’s time for change.