Another School year

And it’s started again.  Get up too early, stay up  too late, homework, fundraisers, tests, etc. My daughter is back to school, but not my son, he is waiting for his time to go the boot camp- Navy boot camp.  I am nervous and happy and scared because not really know what to expect.  Time flew by so fast and I can’t believe that he is 18  and really ready to face the world.  Oh, he is up for a big surprise, though I hope he is somewhat ready.  One can never be ready for everything.

This new school year I found that some things remained the same, like school systems are not up and running or calendars get no updates, but thankfully, these are minor issues that one can fix with a simple email to the counselor 🙂  The only thing I have a hard time dealing with is lack of information, help me to help you.

So really, not much change, just the Navy on the horizon and anxiety for my son.  I think he is up for a rude awakening and at this point, all I can do is pray.