I don’t know where time went

And so it goes, my son left a week ago, joined the Navy.  He is in boot camp and I am stressing over it because of so many things can go wrong.  I know he can do it, but we all know how are children can be.  Yesterday we received a letter from him with information on address, graduation planing, and other helpful web links.  I went to one of the web sites and was amazed how many people have the same emotions as I do, I felt pretty normal.

It’s funny, but I thought, more like dreamed that once he becomes 18 I don’t have to deal with ex anymore, ha, not so fast.  His step-mom called me and started telling me that she talk to some guy who was in the Navy 10 years ago and how he knows it all and we need to run it by him the information that my son would be receiving.  Thankfully I was not face to face with her because she would see me rolling my eyes.  Dont get me wrong, i am all about getting as much information as possible, but I don’t like when people claim to know everything.  I listen and told her to Google her questions, she would get more up to date info.  And my biggest issue is them discussing things that they don’t know with everybody who passes them by and the community is not that big, and trust me, not many of then have your best interest at heart, I know from experience.

Anyway, now we might have to deal with logistics of graduation with his other family, oh my. In the big scam of things it does not matter.  What is really matter is that he is doing what he wanted and the only hope that he works hard and all goes well.RSCN3043 Lets hope he is not on that ship 🙂