Navy moms

It has been my privilege to get to know few Navy mom’s that helped me through my son’s departure.  He joined the Navy and now he is officially US Navy Sailor.  This was the first time that he was away from home and separation is challenging on everyone.  But thankfully I found this wonderful community of women who either went through it before or in the same boat as I am, and it was a relief.  these ladies keep mom’s sane and provide abundance of the information that helped us/me through the long period of unknown.  We don’t get calls on the regular basis, and only line of communication are letters.  As we all know, our kids belong to the tech generation, so when i received his first letter I was joking with my mom because my honor student has a handwriting of the second grader.  But it’s not about him, but about women who will hold your hand through this separation and answer all the questions that you have.  Also, mom’s formed very close neat groups with other mothers whose children were in the same training group.  The support is overwhelming.  They offer to babysit each other kids while visiting our Sailors, they help each other find hotels and plan get together with our kids so we can all be introduced face to face,they write letters to recruits that are not receiving any from their family, which very sad in itself, they have plans and designed for banners for the hotel rooms where they will be staying and t-shirts they will be wearing to commemorate this incredible occasion of our kids graduating from boot camp and becoming a offisial US Navy Sailor.  I am so grateful to these women for their support because support keeps us going and believing and moving forward, and we all need it.