Thinking out loud

The best way to spend time waiting at the airport is people watching.  I am on my way to training seminar, so its just me and I have the luxury of time right now.  Here is an older couple that will be traveling to Minneapolis with me and it looks like they are going home.  Their bags not heavily packed and they seam relaxed. May be they visited grandkids.
Here is another group, army service men, going back to their base. All in camo and looking sharp- thank you for your services, save trip.
Ah, here are my fellow business people. Laptops, notebooks, papers. Do you think that may be 24 hours in the day can be stretched to 30? But I think it still might not be enough, carry on.
Not many kids at the airport, nobody running, laughing, messing with our final destination. It’s pretty blah without them though.
It looks to me that most people are morning people. Not much frowning, reasonably alert, and hungry.  Why we alway eating at the airport? I guess it’s something to do while waiting :-). Oh, here is a barber shop, but where is nail salon? That is just simply wrong.
Ok, have a safe trip and may your battery last 🙂