Be nice

It is interesting how sometimes little things just throw you off.  So here is my little thing.  I got an invite through Facebook to a Pampered Chef party at the neighbors’ house.  Both of our families moved in at the same time, 13 years ago.  We never got closer than just a wave of “hello”.  All through these years there were multiple gatherings at her house.  Some were just parties to celebrate something and some were to promote various home businesses, like Pampered Chef, Slim Wrap, jewelry of various type and descriptions.  I was at the beginning happy to participate and went to a few of these business promotions.  At one of them I happened to overhear some women talking about another neighbor who came but did not buy anything.  And you would think they were talking about somebody committing a crime-how could she not buy anything, does she not know this parties cost money, etc. It made me very uncomfortable, so I left. Then time as time went by I saw parties going on across the street and we were not invited…till a few days ago to attend yet another Pampered Chef party ( and I already have the sales lady who actually checking in with me with different recipes and ideas, so I just call her up if I need anything ). Call me bitter, or what ever, but if I am not good for you to invite over for other occasions, don’t invite me at all.  Why is it ok to invite only so I will spend money to support you and your friend business?  Why is it that you and your friends who were oh so eager to sell me their products, pretend they don’t know me at the grocery store?  How hard is it to acknowledge a person that came to support you? ( and these parties are not that big so you will forget the face, plus its the same group of neighbors).

I am not looking for new friends, I am looking for normal human interaction, not just from the point what you can buy from me- that is what telemarketer’s are for.

Anyway, its almost Friday and we have a 3 day weekend with a beautiful weather in the forecast without any overcast of rude.