To toss or not to toss


New Year sneaked up on us yet again and some of us running out of space in our makeup draws.  So we are facing the dilemma of to toss or not to toss.  We read so many articles about 6 months here and 3 months there, mascara out, lipstick in….. Yes, all “make” sense, but I keep thinking of it as a “conspiracy” to get us buy more.  I personally love that push, I am game, but lately I am finding myself running out of space.

So last night I tossed some eye shadows that were 6 years old.  They almost graduated from kindergarten, almost.  I hate throw away things that are not used up, but it’s been 6 years.  Some people got married and had kids during that period. Ok, it was right to toss it, but I will not depart with my mascara just because “6 month and you out” rule.

If I am the only one who uses it and I take my makeup off,etc. why should I throw away perfectly good product? Do you hear the cosmetic industry talking behind closed door? “…we need to get our product moving faster, 6 bill a year is too slow, tell everybody that 3 months top and then all the makeup to the trash…”

We do, however, should be aware of the condition of products that we use.  Smell changed, color looks questionable, then trashcan is the next stop for that product, otherwise, use it, love it and buy it again, if you lucky enough to find the same shade, quality, and price.

Happy Cleaning !!!