One of those days

Have you ever had a day when it will be better get back in bed and sleep through? Well, today is the day for me. Went to the bank , got the cashier’s check so it will be faster to deposit into another bank. When to Chase to deposit it, but the cashier decided to put a 10 days hold on the cashiers check. Great. Went back home with the check, call Chase, they can push it through but not before Monday and for 5 days earlier. 

Then I went to a donation location. Took some clothes into a stand-alone box outside the location, walked to the people in the driveway ask for the receipt.

Took my lab to the dog park. I wanted to do that for some time, weather was not helping. When I got there 
 found  out that area for the dogs up to 35 lb open, but not for the big dogs.  What?

Like I said, I should’ve got back to bed.