Pop-Up Emergency Rooms-All should know

When we saw multiple stand along Emergency Rooms pop up around our city I thought :”Great, we don’t have to go to the hospital and pay through our noise for it.” Boy was I wrong.

These locations are operating individually, but under Texas Health umbrella.  They only thing that is consistent is they will try to do all the unnecessary tests and scans and then bill you or your insurance for it.

I had to take my daughter to one of them and I really had to argue that X-ray would be a better choice then MRI.  Not to go into details, but she was clogged up….  I don’t need $3K MRI to see that, how about just and X-ray.  Why you go for the most expensive test that you have available to you?

I took my mom about 2 years ago to one of this ER (before my daughter’s visit, I did not know back then), and they took her blood for a test.  It was taking them a long time, so I went to ask why.  They apparently decided, without asking to start running her blood for diabetes and some other extra tests.  I told them no, we did not authorized that, so stop that test.  2 year went by and now they decided to build my mom $1.5K for a visit to that ER ( and mom is on Medicaid).

Seeing all that, I am not surprised that our medical premiums sky rocketing every year.  When these places charge at will however much they feel like it, its obvious that we as consumers will have to pay for it.

The reason I am writing all this is to try to make people aware that it is up to them to review their visit charges as soon as possible, ask as many questions during the visit as possible, and if you can, do your research prior going to ER.