Multi tasking-the good, the bad, and the ugly

Being a woman in the today’s world underlines that we are multitasking rolls of a mother, employee or employer, a wife or girlfriend, and a child to our parents.  How do we manage… Continue reading

Should be Friday, but feels like Monday-when life gives you lemons

This morning, I checked, it was Friday, great day because I have a girl dinner to look forward too.  Well, at lunch, while I was eating, my mom called and told me that she… Continue reading

Migrane-an advanture of your brain?

I have been suffering from migraines for a while now.  There were few medications that I had to try, and alternative treatments, and herbs were involved, but it seems that not much can… Continue reading

The Next best thing after shoes….

While at the Universal Studios City walk in LA, we run into the cutest shop of socks.  The variety of them really made me smile-oh so cute and soft.  I wanted to get them… Continue reading

Who can tell me what street this is?

The Paradise Drive

Few years ago (about 10+ years), not knowing each other, my husband and I visited this little town of Tiburon, California and ate at Sam’s restaurant, on the bay.  During our visit last… Continue reading

The art of packing

We just came back from vacation and I have to admit that I am terrible in packing.  I did count the days, count the pairs of pants and skirts and shirts and shorts… Continue reading

In the land of clocks and chandeliers

Clocks and chandeliers happened to be some what a focal point of the pictures on my trip and it was a lot of fun looking for them in all different places. The first… Continue reading

Happy Cows come from California-did not see that

We drove from LA to San Fran and on the way we saw many beautiful green fields of vegetables, vines, apple trees, apricot trees and whatever else they grow in California-it was breathtaking… Continue reading

Great Lunch and few hours before vacation

It’s Friday and I am ready for lunch.  On the menu today is Sweet Tomatoes-what can be better and healthier? I know, I know, if you load dressing and bread, and pizza, and… Continue reading

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